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Team India From 2013 To 2017 Champions Trophy

Team India From 2013 To 2017 Champions Trophy

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Team India From 2013 To 2017 Champions Trophy


The Champions Trophy has already begun. The current champion team India is the most popular team of the tournament. Even earlier this tournament was held in England and this time it is happening right there too. Therefore, this time too India is considered to be the strongest contender of the title. In 2013, the biggest difference between the Indian team and the current team of 2017 has come in the captaincy. While MS Dhoni was the first, the captaincy's responsibility is now on Virat Kohli. This is Virat's second ODI series as a full time captain. 

- Prior to the 2013 Champions Trophy, Dhoni had won two major ICC tournaments (T20 World Cup 2007 and ODI World Cup 2011). He had about six years of experience in captaincy. Winning the Champions Trophy, he became the first captain of the world to win all three major ICC tournaments.

Virat was not even get 6 months

Virat Kohli is leading the team India in the Champions Trophy for the first time. He did not become the ODI captain for 6 months. In January 2017, his ODI series against England was the first one-day captain. Virat has so far won 1 ODI series (v England, 2-1) in captaincy. However, Virat & Company is in good form right now.

2013 चैम्पियंस ट्रॉफी में टीम इंडिया की परफॉर्मेंस
मैचखिलाफकौन जीताकितने सेकहां
1साउथ अफ्रीकाभारत26 रनकार्डिफ
2वेस्ट इंडीजभारत8 विकेटओवल
3पाकिस्तानभारत8 विकेटबर्मिंघम
सेमीफाइनलश्रीलंकाभारत8 विकेटकार्डिफ
फाइनलइंग्लैंडभारत5 रनबर्मिंघम
2013 में टीम इंडिया के टॉप 3 बैट्समैन
1शिखर धवन53631141/2
2रोहित शर्मा5177652/0
3विराट कोहली517658*1/0
2013 में टीम इंडिया के टॉप 3 बॉलर
1रवींद्र जडेजा5125/363.75
2इशांत शर्मा5103/335.73
3आर. अश्विन58

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