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IPL 10 Cheeleaders :Are One Of Attraction In IPL, Are You Know How Much They Earn

IPL 10 Cheeleaders :Are One Of Attraction In IPL, Are You Know How Much They Earn

Cheerleaders' contribution is much more in the IPL's extraction. During the match, these cheerleaders entertain the audience by dancing every fours, sixes, and wickets. In return, cheerleaders also get fixed salaries from the franchisee team. You will also want to know that where cricketers are given crores of rupees for the IPL, after all, the amount of cheerleaders in exchange for entertainment of the audience is not enough. We are telling you how much income the cheerleaders have in the IPL. These figures are from websites like, .
IPL 10 Cheeleaders
IPL  in  how much is earned According to the information given on the websites of the game, salaries of a cheerleader can be up to Rs 15,000-27000 per match. 
It also includes bonuses and extra appreciation. The bonus is given, then the team wins the match. At the same time, after winning the Extra Appraisal match in the party or any other program. That is, a cheerleader can match up to 27 thousand rupees per match. In addition, cheerleaders also earn in other ways, in which they are invited for photoshoot during the IPL.
 Per match funds:   6-12 thousand rupees (depending on to perform in the match) Bonus win   is 3,000 rupees (franchises) Extra Apiyrens:  7-12 thousand rupees (Party / Event) 
Photo shoot:   five thousand dollars (for newspaper / magazine) 
IPL 10 Cheeleaders Khan's  KKR  number  1 for cheerleaders in earning  
According to the website, cheerleaders of Kolkata Knight Riders get the best salary per match. His salary in last season was 12 thousand rupees per match. At the same time, KKR increases the salary of its old cheerleaders by 1 percent every season. If they win KKR matches, they also get bonuses. 
After joining the party or at any event, they get almost equal amount of match fees.  
 KKR  fee for each match:  
Rs 12,000 Bonus for winning:  3,000 rupees 
To join the party or event:  Rs 12,000.IPL 10 Cheeleaders

RCB  's cheerleaders seconds earnings  

 After the KKR, Royal Challengers Bangalore's cheerleaders in the case of salary comes in number. They are given 10 thousand rupees for a match. 
Right, bonuses and parties also make good money.   
RCB  fees for every match:  10,000 
Bonus for winning:   3,000 rupees 
Fees for the party or event:  10,000.IPL 10 Cheeleaders

Mumbai Indians and other teams also give good salaries     

Mukesh Ambani's franchise team Mumbai Indians also give good cheer to their cheerleaders. 
Cheerleaders get salaries up to Rs 8,000 per match.
If you win the match, you get a bonus of 3 thousand rupees just like the other teams. At the same time, they are also paid for party or event these teams pay the fee according to the fees.
IPL 10 Cheeleaders

choreographers earn more then medical team  

Cheerleaders performing at India during the IPL come from countries like USA, UK, Mexico, France, Brazil, Ukraine and South Africa. 
Most of these are attached to the choreography group. However, many of them have a good degree too. Some cheerleaders have a degree in Physician in Training, Gadgets for Medical
Education and Anthropology.

IPL 10 Cheeleaders

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